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Jupiter's GRS tonight

Started by Ron Oehlert, 03/11/2015 09:06PM
Posted 03/11/2015 09:06PM Opening Post
The Great Red Spot is on the Central Meridian at the moment. At only 140X in my 10" reflector it is Salmon in color; reminds me of the view in decades past. The Seeing here, despite dark skies, can't support more magnification the past several nights.
Posted 03/12/2015 02:02AM #1
Thanks for the tip! The only scope I have access to now is APM 100mm binos "the good ones" that can handle high mag. Supposed to be clear tonight so I'll look see, even if I have to wait for it to rotate around! My 29-inch Dob with (big!) off-axis stop also gives great resolution...but still has a foot of snow on the ground and is 1500 ft from the house and 150 ft up hill. Will have to wait for that! Tom Dey

29-inch Dob in a dome
36-inch upgrade soon
LUNT 80/80 solar scope
FLI 6803 cam
APM 100mm APO Binos
JMI RB-16 Night Vision Binos
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