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Mars 22.2.2003

Started by Phil Barker, 02/24/2003 05:40PM
Posted 02/24/2003 05:40PM Opening Post
Viewed from 43 south with 5 inch f-15 D&G
8mm televue plossl 254 X 6 mm zeiss orth 312 X

Planet 5.8 arc seconds approx.
Polar cap visible and noticeably gibbous disc.

Not a lot of surface detail apparent still very small. Didn't bother with a sketch will wait til she's bigger.

This opposition will seriously favout the south and on Aug 27 she's 25.12 arc seconds I can't wait!

Posted 02/25/2003 12:06AM #1

This may be the best Mars apparition in a very long time. The planet will be above 10 arc-seconds for many months. I hope that we all have many exciting observations of it. The best of luck and happy Mars observing.