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No eclipse for me

Started by fblue, 09/27/2015 09:56PM
Posted 09/27/2015 09:56PM Opening Post
Nothing but clouds cwy

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Posted 09/28/2015 06:08PM #1
It was really good here in Spring Valley AZ. Almost a dozen of the seniors here grabbed their chairs and drinks and sat thru a good portion of it. We didn't use telescopes but I had 15x70 binnoc's on a tripod that I passed around. They all seemed to enjoy it, though very few had any astro-experience. I was impressed how good the view was of the sky during full eclipse. The milky way was bright, M31 easily located naked eye, M33 easy and large with the 15x70's, - but I forgot to see if it was visible naked eye. The best for me was the stars nearby the moon during the event. It was cool just looking at the faint stars near its rim. Some of the idea's of just what it was all about were a little hard to listen to, but everyone had their voice and it was fun to watch and listen. All of it was surprisingly good to experience. Thomas M.
Posted 09/28/2015 06:28PM #2
It was partly cloudy in Fresno, but we got to see all of the eclipse through clouds and holes in clouds. At its worst, the eclipsed Moon was barely visible in my 8" SCT. At its best, we could see good detail, including mountain profiles along the bright part of the lunar limb after totality ended.

My 7-year-old granddaughter had her new scope and she and I entertained about 30 of our friends and acquaintances at a local park. Her scope is a 6" dob based on an OTA I bought two years ago with a Celestron Advanced VX mount (for only $100 extra) and a mount built by my son-in-law…first light was the night before.

I was going to try some photography, but with the clouds and crowds I gave up.