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Possible Lunar Sunrise Ray West of Clausius

Started by Dave Mitsky, 02/13/2003 10:26AM
Posted 02/13/2003 10:26AM Opening Post
Date/Time: 2003/2/13, ~2:30 to 7:25 UT
Location: ASH Naylor Observatory, 670 Observatory Drive, Lewisberry, PA, USA
Instrument: 17" f/15 classical Cassegrain
Magnifications: 162, 202, 216, 259, 381, 404, and 432x
Conditions: Clear to partly cloudy, windy, dome temperature - 20 degrees Fahrenheit, relative humidity - 56%
Seeing: Variable

While observing the moon on Wednesday night, 2003/2/12 at ~9:30 p.m. EST (2003/2/13, ~2:30 UT), I happened to notice a possible lunar sunrise ray in an area about two degrees west of the crater Clausius in Lacus Excellentiae. The ray, located at approximately 46 degrees W and 37 degrees S, was a moderately narrow triangle when I first saw it. By the time I last looked at the moon at ~2:25 a.m. (~7:25 UT) the ray had broadened to the point that it was no longer recognizable as such.

Dave Mitsky

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