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Saturn and Jupiter before the clouds came...

Started by, 06/26/2017 04:36PM
Posted 06/26/2017 04:36PM Opening Post
On Saturday night here in Pittsburgh, it was a decent evening to go out and just mess around comparing eyepieces, experimenting and enjoying my 127mm Astrozap (Which I believe Meade had them make their refractors) achromatic refractor. It is a nice 1200mm focal length that shows a nice violet halo on Jupiter and the Moon. After some back and forth on how to reduce the violet without purchasing another telescope, I came across two options.

The first was to look for the yellow 495 LP filter and the second a rather expensive Semi Apo Baader filter.

As I was reading up, I saw fairly inexpensive Baader 495 LP 1.25" filter so I picked it up. In the other corner, was the 2" Baader Semi Apo filter and I felt as though since I have 4 refractors that take 2" filters, why wouldn't I invest in their view if it helped? Which, after purchasing... I kicked myself for not picking it up from ATWB. Sorry Herb. I am always a bit off.

I went out and completely forgot about both filters and didn't use either. About an hour in to studying Jupiter, Saturn came into view and I quickly moved onto Saturn without any filters. Half way through the study, I remembered that my Semi APO filter was sitting in it's case inside the house.

I went in and dug it out of the leftovers box that I have for overflow and tightened it onto the diagonal. I reinserted the diagonal and started cranking up the magnification from the 13mm ethos, 8mm Delos, 7mm XW and 6mm Delos. My impression of the filter: shocked . I was blown away by the neutrality that the filter brought to the already proficient view of the eyepieces. Saturn looked absolutely spectacular in regards to detailing the cloud bands, rings and color. The seeing was okay but quickly changed cloudy right when I was going to swing back to Jupiter. After that was going to bump a UHC filter in and take a look at M81 and M82. It was a short session, but that was such an exciting view of solar system objects that I hadn't experienced prior. I feel like I have a few new telescopes by purchasing that Semi APO filter. Thank you Baader, it is an extremely nice filter.
Posted 07/03/2017 11:32AM #1
Last night it was clear as well and I was able to use the semi apo filter on my Orion 120mm x 600mm fl achromatic refractor. The results were not quite the same as expected. A lot of the violet persisted on the higher magnifications. The longer fl eyepieces, 25mm and above performed well but nothing really below that was consistently any better.