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To Each His Own

Started by Martian, 11/25/2002 10:30AM
Posted 11/25/2002 10:30AM Opening Post
The wonderful thing about the discussions on this forum is that they display much diversity in experience, instruments, and technique in the observation of the planets. We can all learn to become better planetary observers by the experience of others. I do not believe in a single type of instrument , eyepiece, or accessory that a planetary observer requires as this does not exist. The best instrument for planetary observation is the one that the observer owns. I assume that this instrument is at least diffraction limited which will allow the observer to resolve fine features on the surface (or atmosphere) of a planet. The observer must not skimp on the quality of the eyepiece as this component will magnify the image produced by the objective. We are very fortunate to have available so many types (or designs) of eyepieces and accessories to use with our instruments. In the past we were very limited, but still managed to produce excellent observations.

We should never get into a war on which is the best instrument, eyepiece (design), or accesory for observing the planets on this forum. There is no perfect system out there as I can state from personal experience. The most vital part of the equation in my opinion is the observer themselves which we are helping through our experiences on this forum.

I am very happy that any experience I may provide will help others better enjoy their own observations of the planets in the future.