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TV-102 first Jupiter Sketch

Started by ronbee, 02/22/2003 11:58PM
Posted 02/22/2003 11:58PM Opening Post
Well, I kept waiting for that perfect night I had last year on Jupiter and still waiting :-(. So what the heck, tonight I sneaked out to watch Saturn and it was quite steady. A quick back in for dinner and out again and the sky was full of fog :-(. So back in came the 4" TV-102 Light Cup and out again at 10pm (over two hours ready). A
quick 10 minutes cool down and it's ready. The seeing was somewhat steady with moments of blur. There were still some haze around Jupiter. Magnification used was 146x (6mm Radian) and 5mm (5mm Radian and Tak LE). Total time was from 10:10pm-11:20pm PST.

GRS was at near the CM with salmon color. Three bands (NEB, SEB, and EB) were seen and one more (must have been the SEtB) that passed underneath the GRS like a 4-string guitar. The SEtB didn't make it all the way across the disc or it's darker on one side. Dark barge was seen in NEB. This year I haven't had excellent night like last
year where 9 bands were seen :-(. Two ovals were seen, one next to the GRS and another a little further. However, with #12 the ovals were easier to see. With the #82A and #8 filters, 3 ovals (with possible more not sure) were actually seen lining up at 176x looking more like infectious pus especially with the yellow filter ;-)! A
dark barge? that seems to form an arc on one side of the GRS was now noted with the #12 filter at 146x that wasn't noticed before. Has anyone seen this feature? If so, what is it?

After I coaxed the Light Cup back inside, I couldn't help but thinking if I had that 8" SCT or Newt, would I have been able to play yo-yo and avoid the fog and quickly catch the GRS at the CM?

This is my first sketch of Jupiter. Commments, critiques, oval eggs throwing ;-) are kindly welcome.

Ron B[ee]
Posted 02/23/2003 06:53AM #1

An excellent first sketch of Jupiter. You have placed the belts correctly at their approximate logitudes (difficult for some rookie observers). The intensity of the belts looks adequate as well. You have even managed to depict detail within the Great Red Spot (GRS). An impressive first time effort!

The only thing I would suggest is to try to place the belts parallel to the Jovian equator as they appear tilted in your observation. You may also want to use my Jupiter template located on the Arkansas Sky Observatory web site ( under the Online Tools section.

We all look forward to your future observations. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 02/23/2003 06:44PM #2
Wow, C9.25 on CG5! I thought the C9.25 OTA is something
like 24lbs, is it?

Ron B[ee]