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Cherry Springs Star Party

Started by plunkett, 04/11/2007 08:37PM
Posted 04/11/2007 08:37PM Opening Post
Just went to the website and there is still nothing posted for schedule, speakers, vendors, etc... With the event a little over a month away, I would think it would be a little farther along. I, for one, don't plan on registering until I know what is planned. I SURELY hope that the weather is better than last year! It couldn't be much worse!

Posted 04/12/2007 12:27AM #1
I registered and plan on going. The beautiful dark skies and companionship under said skies are why I am going, although a good speaker would be nice.

Look for me there - I'll have my TEC 180FL.

Posted 04/15/2007 07:47AM #2

here`s a link with some info, some info is not complete yet, but the dates and some of the vendors are up.

Posted 05/03/2007 05:45AM #3
Anybody heard anything? It's two weeks off and there is still nothing on the web site. Guess I won't be going this year...

Posted 05/09/2007 07:26AM #4
Here's the schedule of talks.

Friday, May 18

1:00 p.m. Friday - Dr. Peter Allen (Penn State) - The Smallest Stars: Their Role in the Universe

3:00 p.m. Friday - T.J. Koller (ASH Stardust Newsletter Editor and the Secretary of the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg) - The Night Sky for the Cherry Springs Star Party

4:00 p.m. Friday - T.J. Koller - The Hubble Space Telescope

6:30 p.m. Friday - Alan Chen ( ) - Imaging with a One-shot Color Camera

Saturday, May 19

1:00 p.m. Saturday - Dr. Al Lamperti (Temple University and the Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers) - A 3D Tour of the Universe Beyond the Solar System

2:30 p.m. Saturday - Karl Krasley (the Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council and the Chesmont Astronomical Society) - Light Pollution Is Hiding My Galaxies

4:00 p.m. Saturday - Chip Harrison (Cherry Springs State Park Park Manager) - Cherry Springs Dark Skies (A PowerPoint update on what's new at the park for 2007 and where the future is going to take us.)

6:00 p.m. Saturday - Rob Teeter ( ) - Building the Perfect Telescope

Chance favors the prepared mind.

De gustibus non est disputandum.
Posted 05/10/2007 12:52AM #5
Vendors who will be present at the Cherry Springs Star Party or who have contributed door prizes are listed at

Dave Mitsky

Chance favors the prepared mind.

De gustibus non est disputandum.