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East Coast Star Party

Started by mirfak, 06/14/2014 09:11AM
Posted 06/14/2014 09:11AM | Edited 06/14/2014 09:12AM Opening Post
I had a good time at the East Coast Star Party May 31st. Nice folks, good food, and great observing. The evening was clear until 11pm. Clouds arrived allowing sucker-hole viewing for a couple of hours. After 1AM the skies cleared again with excellent transparency. No dew, few mosquitoes. I stayed up to 4AM.

Observed: Mars, Saturn, Gamma Leonis, 70 Oph, Porrima, M17, M16, M11, Campbell's Hydrogen Star, Minkowski's Footprint, M71, Theta Sge and lots of other summer showpieces. Lots of visitors and neophyte astronomers, and local college physics students.

Big scopes: 25", 20" x2, 18" x2, 14" dobs, Tak Mewlon 300, Tak FS152, 12.5" f/6 binoviewer ready dob.

I'll miss the fall ECSP as it's the same week as Staunton River.

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