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Glacier Point, Yosemit NP

Started by flusk, 06/30/2002 08:32PM
Posted 06/30/2002 08:32PM Opening Post
Every Friday and Saturday night during the summer, the rangers at Glacier Point sponser a star party. Local (200 mile radius???) astronomy clubs provide the scopes and the expertise. Last year, three clubs combined for about 35 scopes from 3" to 24" (mine is one of the smaller ones). We probably entertained 400 tourists from 7:00 pm through about 11:00 pm. Before dark we looked at climbers on Half Dome, hikers at Nevada Fall, etc. After the tourists dwindle away, many of us stay and continue observing.

This year, our club (Central Valley Astronomers) will be at Glacier Point July 5 and 6, so if you're in the area, please drop on by. I'd like to meet some fellow Astromarters. I'll be the guy with probably the only Celestron C5+.
Posted 06/30/2002 08:33PM #1
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