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Info on Pentax DCF SP 10x50's

Started by dwalton, 08/28/2003 05:16PM
Posted 08/28/2003 05:16PM Opening Post
I'm wondering if anyone has had a chance to use and/or evaluate these, and if so, what conclusions you reached. They'd be used for birding much more than for astro viewing.

Thanks, Doug
Posted 08/28/2003 09:55PM #1
Having rather carefully considered this particular line of higher quality roof prism binocular, may I endorse the 10x43 over the 10x50 for birding, because they are:

- lighter
- more compact
- less expensive
- wider field of view, 6° vs 5°
- closer focusing
- for daytime use, there's no real advantage to a 5.0 mm
exit pupil over a 4.3 mm one

Ergonomics and handling on my pair of the 10x43 has been excellent. I have used mine for casual astronomy, and found them at least adequate; I have a higher power pair I prefer for astronomy. I believe that I likely posted a review on the Anacortes site regarding my impression of the 10x43. These are now my primary pair for birding.