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Lets Post Some Bird Photos

Started by jonisaacs, 03/22/2011 06:44AM
Posted 03/22/2011 06:44AM | Edited 03/22/2011 06:44AM Opening Post
Here's a photo of Pelagic Cormorant. I was about 2 feet from this bird when I snapped the photo but it was quite dark.

The story behind this photo goes like this:

I was riding my bicycle home from work on Friday. I was on a frontage road with a fence separating me from Interstate 5. As I passed, I just happened to notice this bird huddled up in the weeds around that fence. Clearly the bird was out of place. With no cell phone, I rode home as fast as I could, alerted my wife to the situation, and after futilely trying to contact wildlife rescue, we decided we would have to do it ourselves.

I put on some jeans and a leather jacket, got some gloves and we took off to see if the bird was still there. Sure enough, it was still there and still alive. With the estuary at Mission Bay only about 3 miles away, we decided I would capture the bird, hopefully keep it tame with me in the back seat while my wife threaded her way through rush hour traffic to the bay.

As you can imagine, the bird was startled but clearly it was going to die where it was and once in the car, there were only short periods when it seemed like disaster was about to strike and we all might perish.

We made it, it was low tide so the bird had about 50 feet to go to get to the water. I released it and he slowly waddled his way through the sand and to the water. At times it seemed like he was not going to make it but once to the water, he just swam away as if nothing had happened...


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Posted 03/22/2011 05:25PM #1
Nice story and a job well done Jon.
Glad to hear that he made it to the water.


There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 03/23/2011 07:18AM #2
Nice story and glad it worked out.

Interestingly, my son and a friend from the animal shelter found a "duck" in a local park and brought it to me for ID. It was a cormorant, too, they tried to get bird rescue involved. Unfortunately, our bird didn't survive very long. Circle of life, I guess.