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Pelagic Cormorant

Started by jonisaacs, 02/19/2009 08:20PM
Posted 02/19/2009 08:20PM | Edited 02/19/2009 08:21PM Opening Post
The great photo of the Double Breasted Cormorant reminded me of a Pelagic Cormorant photo I took a few years ago. I was riding my bike home from work one Friday when I happened to notice this poor bird huddled up against the fence separating the frontage road I was on and the I-5 freeway. It was pretty much no-mans-land with only a few weeds for protection and the bird was clearly in trouble and out of place.

I rode home pronto, tried to contact some sort of rescue, no luck... I talked it over with my wife and we went back to do something for the bird. In the end, I put on a heavy jacket, captured the bird as carefully as I could and got in the back seat with him. My wife drove in a direct manner down to Mission Bay where we released him. He slowly waddled over to the water, it must have taken 4 minutes to go 40 feet but once in the water he just swam away like nothing had happened...

Here's my photo:


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