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Spotted Towhee

Started by walkabout, 01/31/2009 09:05AM
Posted 01/31/2009 09:05AM Opening Post
Here are 3 pictures I took of a Spotted Towhee or
Spotted Great Plains Towhee.
This is a rare bird for around here.(Illinos)
These where taken at a farm in Byron,Il.
Comments welcome

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Comments welcome

Augie: Very nice photos of your Spotted Towhee. They are wonderfully beautiful birds, one of my favorites.

They common here in San Diego and but very difficult to photograph because they spend their lives in the underbrush rooting around in the dried leaves. They only come out momentarily but never seem to stop and rest... They live in the shadows...

I have taken hundreds of photos of Spotted Towhees but never gotten even a passable version, let alone a nice photo like yours...

Good Job.

Posted 01/31/2009 11:08AM | Edited 01/31/2009 11:10AM #3

Very nice! We generally enjoy an Eastern Towhee rooting around under the feeders and nearby bushes in the spring and fall, and I always enjoy the visit.

I think a Spotted Towhee would make quite an impression around here (upstate NY)!

Clear skies, Alan