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Whooping Crane

Started by walkabout, 07/25/2008 04:39AM
Posted 07/25/2008 04:39AM Opening Post
Here are a few shot of some Whooping Crane from last week when we visited
the International Crane Foundation.
This one is located just East of Baraboo,Wi.
If I understood the guide right this is one of four located in the
Sorry these aren't real wild life photos.
Comments welcome

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Posted 07/25/2008 04:40AM #1
Posted 07/29/2008 02:21PM #2
Nice images August. I know a guy who tried to establish a migrating group of Whoopers out west. All he got was grief because of the politics of establishing a population of a protected bird. Nobody in power positions wanted them. Eventually, he just gave up.

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