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Oldies or stuff you dreamed about

Started by dozer613, 01/28/2008 03:03AM
Posted 01/28/2008 03:03AM Opening Post
I always wanted when I was in the Air force
Sansui G33000
Klipsch Cornwall
I remember looking at the klipsch drooling and dreaming about owning,salesman stating that you could put a lightning bolt threw it and it would still survive
It didn't matter that they were the size of a refrigerator
AAHH - them were the days smile
Posted 01/28/2008 04:45PM #1
grin grin Yes youn are right marty..those were the audio days. I have a sansui g-9000 that will rearrange furniture and do dusting too. dont tell me that 4 16" woofer speakers can't pump out the sound..but sadly i blew capacitors on speaker after 5 hours of 3/4 volume(speakers were fixed) but blew driver unit on right side reciever and have not found replacement yet. sad sad