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Our Lost Constitution: Senator Mike Lee.

Started by richartisticwoods, 01/08/2018 03:08PM
Posted 01/08/2018 03:08PM | Edited 01/08/2018 03:12PM Opening Post
Read this book last weekend and it was really, really informative, interesting, and it helped the reader to understand just how far astray from the US Constitution our lawmakers have strayed. Chapter by chapter the author Senator Mike Lee gives supporting evidence to show just why he and other Constitutional scholars are able to make the charge that the courts as well as the Congress and our past Presidents have abused their power, or shirked it in many instances to allow the Constitution to be nothing more than an irrelevant piece of parchment at times.

Lee begins with his assertion that the Congress itself is the only branch empowered to make and write laws and yet we have dozens of agencies that not only make law, but decide unilaterally to enforce their 'laws' by imposing fines, regulations, essentially becoming judge, jury, and executioner.

The outline of the book is such that each chapter examines and discusses many parts of the Bill of Rights and the structure of the Constitution.

Lee offers up a discussion of the Courts at times and power overreaches by previous Presidents.

He gives historical facts and stories to help the reader understand just why many of the amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights came about.

This is a very easy and entertaining read, and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in politics and history.