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Why did he kill himself?

Started by administrator, 11/19/2003 07:23PM
Posted 11/19/2003 07:23PM Opening Post

This is a great DVD and it is available in DTS.
I went to see these guy a few years back in Seattle - a few months later I heard the singer committed suicide.
What a loss.

Great DVD


Posted 03/31/2004 12:48PM #1

That was a shame. I didn't like INXS much when they were at their height, but started to listen to them after I came across a cheap copy of the "Welcome to Where Ever You Are" CD (which totally rocks) a few years before he comitted suicide. There's an interview with one of his bandmates who thinks that it might have been antidepressant related, i.e., one of the known side effects of certain such drugs in some people:

"Tim: There's just one thing I do wanna say and this is that I think the world should be very careful about taking anti-depressants - that's all I think. I think the whole thing is a very grey area and people should respect when they're putting things like that into their bodies just exactly what they're doing.

George: Do you feel that played a big part?

Tim: I don't know. I know there's been a lot of recent things, things like anti-depressants and alcohol mixed together making people suicidal and I think the world's got to take a deeper look at it and make sure that you know, we're not giving these people who need ... [who] have a chemical imbalance in their brain emotionally the wrong things. It's a sickness, it's not a decision they make with a clear head - it's a chemical imbalance, it's a disease just like you don't hold someone responsible for dying of cancer - you know it's the same sort of thing - that's the way I see it. I can't be angry at Michael because if he did take his own life - I feel he was sick."

From the coroner's report at:

"...An analysis report of the deceased's blood indicates the presence of alcohol, cocaine, Prozac and other prescription drugs. On consideration of the entirety of the evidence gathered I am satisfied that the deceased was in a severe depressed state on the morning of the 22nd November, 1997, due to a number of factors, including the relationship with Paula Yates and the pressure of the on-going dispute with Sir Robert Geldof, combined with the effects of the substances that he had ingested at that time. As indicated I am satisfied that the deceased intended and did take his own life.