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Started by dsnope, 11/27/2012 12:26PM
Posted 11/27/2012 12:26PM Opening Post
We are entering the 30-year natural cooling cycle of the PDO right on schedule. CO2 goes up, leaving no trace of the model-predicted heat signature in the upper atmosphere, and mother nature ignores the models and goes on about her business: Hot in the 1870s, cold in the 1900s, hot in the 1930s, cold in 1960s, hot in 1990s ... and cold in 2020s.

My prediction: in 2025 or thereabouts, the media will be full of new "scientific" models predicting disastrous global cooling from manmade carbon soot, disastrous crop loss, extinction of fuzzy animals, increased "extreme weather", and more hot/cold/wet/dry all over the place.

Graph from C3 Headlines