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IPCC Wrong Again!

Started by rprovin, 11/28/2012 12:36PM
Posted 11/28/2012 12:36PM Opening Post
Can't they get anything right?! wink

"A wise man, ... proportions his belief to the evidence."
-David Hume
Posted 11/28/2012 01:19PM #1
Nothing in that report is right from the first paragraph onwards.

They begin with a huge deception:
While temperature rises appear to be consistent with the projections made in the IPCC’s fourth assessment report (AR4), satellite measurements show that sea-levels are actually rising at a rate of 3.2 mm a year compared to the best estimate of 2 mm a year in the report

The 2007 IPCC maximum estimate was 59 cm by 2100. That is 6.5mm/yr over 90 years. The UCol estimate was 3.1mm/year. Total strawman.

And there are other recent peer reviewed published studies that peg sea level rise at well under 2mm/year. Such a Manfred Wenzel's paper that found the rise at 1.56 ± 0.25 mm/yr and showed that it is not accelerating, which it must be to support AGW theory.

It's hard to move on from there when the scientist's begin with utterly unethical and misleading strawman argument about 'science'. But let's do, since you posted this junk science report created just for the political climate summit in Qatar.

Their primary model starts with this:
Global temperature data can be adjusted for solar variations, volcanic aerosols and ENSO using multivariate correlation analysis…

They cannot use ENSO variability to correct global temperature data. It's only 1/3 of the globe's water area, and the other ocean's have completely different patterns. This had been stated by multiple warmists such as Trenberth et al.

And so on... that's enough time wasted on this political position paper.

Posted 11/28/2012 07:21PM #2
Robert Provin said:

Can't they get anything right?! wink
Consistent with NASA: