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Re: No sunspots

Started by rpasken, 09/03/2008 07:59PM
Posted 09/03/2008 07:59PM Opening Post
Essentially the 11, 22, 87 and 230 year cycles in the number of sunspots changes the total amount energy by only small amounts to small to affect climate. Jack Eddy, an NCAR Solar Scientist, did a study in the 70's which seem to link sunspots to temperature changes. More recent work including more recent work, including research by Eddy indicate that the changes in Total Solar Irradiance are to small to significantly affect climate. The most recent work by Foukal (2006) indicates that sunspots have little effect on climate

Foukal, Peter (2003). "Can Slow Variations in Solar Luminosity Provide Missing Link between Sun and Climate?" Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 84(22): 205, 208, see also 84(48): 532.

Is it cool to see a spotless Sun Yes! Does change climate No!