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Sun is firing blanks

Started by hughbartlett, 12/16/2017 11:06AM
Posted 12/16/2017 11:06AM Opening Post
I'm not disputing the fact that human activity has a warming effect on climate, but just think we need to acknowledge the Sun's influence as well. Here is some perspective from NASA:

As the sunspot cycle plunges toward its 11-year minimum, NASA satellites are tracking a decline in total solar irradiance (TSI). Across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, the sun's output has dropped nearly 0.1% compared to the Solar Maximum of 2012-2014....A change of 0.1% may not sound like much, but the sun deposits a lot of energy on the Earth, approximately 1,361 watts per square meter. Summed over the globe, a 0.1% variation in this quantity exceeds all of our planet's other energy sources....

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Posted 12/16/2017 03:23PM #1
That's cool! (cool...heh)... We can increase the output by swabbing it off with isopropyl alcohol. Just be sure to turn it off first, and let it cool off. Otherwise, it could crack. Tom, maxiflux Tom

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