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The International Conspiracy ON GW...

Started by Rod Kaufman, 04/23/2016 04:04PM
Posted 04/23/2016 04:04PM Opening Post
When will it stop?...
Posted 04/23/2016 07:15PM #1
Hi Rod, I worked as a scientist near all of my life (mostly aerospace and defense stuff) and recall from childhood that Science/Scientists are Supposed To question Everything! Especially those things that we have an opinion on or vested interest in. Heck, that's why we Still call it the THEORY of Relativity, etc. and to this day keep testing and trying to disprove it. Yet pseudo-scientific activists are literally trying to outlaw questions that challenge their hidden agendas or plain pompous stupidity. Scientists are supposed to welcome and even Seek disagreement... Regarding the Global Warming, now known as Blessed Climate Change: It's certainly an intriguing and complex scientific an sociological/psychological problem/issue. But I've just seen WAY too many scientists stoking their own pet Sugar Daddy studies on this and myriad other specialties over the decades. As Richard Feynman counseled his students: [DON'T let the special interest bossed steer your integrity into the gutter!] Politicians are dragging the proles around by their noses on this one. Tom

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