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The Loss of Arctic Ice

Started by AlanFrench, 09/05/2012 04:04PM
Posted 09/05/2012 04:04PM Opening Post

Clear skies, Alan
Posted 09/06/2012 04:04PM #1
Alan French said:

Clear skies, Alan
Here is more on the ramifications of Arctic warming/melting:


"A wise man, ... proportions his belief to the evidence."
-David Hume
Posted 09/12/2012 07:19PM #2
Alan French said:

Clear skies, Alan

And not a word on the massive Arctic storm the 1st week of August that broke up 500,000 sq. Kms of ice contributing to a low ice extent for 2012.
Posted 09/13/2012 10:10AM #3
I don't understand the point of this topic. Is this supposed to indicate something about global warming? I mean, I understand the confusion if you are getting your science from the NY Times and the BBC, but it's very easy for anyone in this information age to take a minute and look up the arctic temperature record to give the concept a smell-test. Decide for yourselves.

Every summer since the year 2000 has had below mean ERA40 temperatures north of 80N.

So now, what is causing the Arctic ice extent to be 0.006% below last year? (Or rather, if you use the latest MASIE data, it's not lower at all). It's well studied and documented why the 2007 ice extend was low. Shouldn't we first look to that example before declaring "global warming" in the face of a global temperature record that has been level or declining over that last 15 years? Shouldn't we ask why the Antarctic ice volume has increased over this period before declaring that an ice-extent incident is an indicator of the entire globe warming? Shouldn't we just look at a thermometer record before opening our mouths?