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Time to End This argument and Remove this Forum

Started by reconair, 02/08/2017 05:57AM
Posted 02/08/2017 05:57AM | Edited 02/08/2017 11:36AM Opening Post
Over the last several years, mostly under the Obama administration, there has been ever increasing noise arguing for the reduction of man-made pollutants including CO2 emissions in Earth's atmosphere. The U.S. Government has strongly supported the UN's International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) position, backed up with peer-reviewed studies using scientific data analysis and climate modeling. As a result, the UN has set guidelines and created onerous regulations as to how industrialized nations can reduce carbon emissions and developed a process by which these nations, if not committed to the reduction of carbon emissions can be fined using terms such as Carbon Credits.

The problem with all of this is that the data used in these studies and climate models have been manipulated by climate scientists so as to arrive at an outcome that supports man-made climate change. Unfortunately, the industrialized west have been taken in by these alternative facts and have bowed down to UN climate change policies. By her own words, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change has showed her hand and admitted that the notion of man-made global warming is an attempt to shut down Western industrialism and cripple capitalist economies. ( and

New evidence to support manipulation of climate data and climate modeling presents itself almost every day now, including the implications that whole governments are in collusion with one another to promulgate this false notion that human industrialization is the sole cause of apocalyptic heating of Earth's atmosphere and if left unchecked will have incredulous impact on the human population. (

Now some of you on the left will never accept the fact that the UN or its representative governments would ever attempt to fool the people into believing that man-made climate change is real. Some of you will also accuse the conservative media reporting on such evidence as fake news. We have learned over the course of the recent elections that left and right media will report according to their own biases and neither should be considered as truthful reporting. Nevertheless, some elements of truth are reported out and by their own admission, the media lets the public make up their own minds as to what's real and what's made up.

For me, I believe that climate change is naturally occurring over the history of our planet. There is evidence to support that belief. I do not believe that man-made climate change is occurring in any significant measurable way globally. Certainly, there have been significant environmental catastrophes like Chernobyl, Fukashima, Exxon Valdez, the environmental destruction caused by the burning of the Iraqi oil fields and the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, to name a few. We have learned from these hard lessons. Over the last 40 years, I've seen an ever increasing awareness of what defines destructive environmental events/conditions and their causes. I've also seen means developed by which these can be limited or completely resolved. The efforts by mankind to limit the pollution of our planet has been well underway for many years and that improvement has been obvious. I believe that as we progress into the future, we will address environmental protections to insure our resources are available for future generations. At the same time, we should be prepared to oppose politicians that seek to undermine our government and our society using the environment as a tool.

Time for this forum to go, or at least re-titled to "Protecting the Environment". Perhaps, an exchange of ideas would be more fruitful than trying to extract wealth from industrialized nations through a false narrative.

Scott Busby
A.K.A. Reconair

Carpe Noctum

Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day. But when I follow at my pleasure the serried multitude of the stars in their circular course, my feet no longer touch the earth.
- Ptolemy,c.150 AD
Posted 02/08/2017 09:50PM #1
Mortal as I am, I know that I am born for a day------------My feet no longer touch the Earth, Ptolemy c150AD. But for billions of us, our feet are on the ground, and likely landlocked forever, and for generations to come, - the same. While I think they could indeed build a pipeline thru the Dakota's and build it with redundant safety measures, I also think whatever "We have learned from hard lessons" such as Chernobyl and Fukashima is not enough to simply Green Light ALL things and say Okay-seems like you guys are getting it all together and deserving of our trust and admiration. I certainly do not think that people and groups devoted to issues of global warming or other environmental concerns have anywhere near the top of their list of motives, - some evil agenda to "extract wealth from industrialized nations thru a false narrative". Luckily, I do believe the world will little note or care what is debated on AstroMart Forums, in the long run. Certainly not on the geological calendars of the future that will define Mans impact on the Living Planet Earth.