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US Defense Dept Statement on GW

Started by Rod Kaufman, 04/24/2016 04:04PM
Posted 04/24/2016 04:04PM Opening Post
Ok DENIERS, take on the US military:
Posted 04/25/2016 06:09AM #1
Rod Kaufman said:

Ok DENIERS, take on the US military:

Well TRUE BELIEVERS, the DoD is under the auspices of the current administration. Its tough to figure who gives the orders from on high, but just for the clueless, his initials start with Barack and end with Obama....

And BTW, we already knew this, its pretty old. The DoD under this CIC, has been planning his wars based upon how they might affect the environment. Who in the world ever heard of such complete LUNACY, basing battle plans on whether or not it will add too much CARBON to the atmosphere. One would think someone was INSANE to decide whether or not to fight wars dependent upon how much CARBON it might input to the atmosphere, but then again we just have to look at how the extremist, wacko, enviro-nutjobs that make up the bulk of the Democrat party in this nation have taken over their party and the nation, in order to understand it.

God help us, only 9 more months of the insanity by this unqualified ignoramus moron in the White House before ANYONE else gets in there. He is the most dangerous President we've ever known and the worst in history..