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Weather channel bs

Started by drgenovese, 08/03/2014 07:44AM
Posted 08/03/2014 07:44AM Opening Post
My wife and i were going fishing this morning and she asked me to check the weather channel (which i never watch). They were doing a story on sea turtles and how they were going extinct due to sea level rise from global warming! I turned it off
Posted 08/03/2014 10:20AM #1
If they said sea level rise was the cause for the concern over sea turtle extinction they were largely incorrect. However, the determination of sex for the sea turtle is strongly based on temperature. Cool temperatures favor male births and warmer temps favor female births. If temps rise more than 2 degrees C few males will be born, regardless of the cause of the warming.

Posted 08/10/2014 08:32PM #2
I suspect that you missed some important parts of that story, since you are so certain that it's BS. There are many species of sea turtles, not just one specie called "sea turtles." The majority of species return to nest at the same beaches every season. It is magnetically ingrained for them. A rise in sea level of less than one single meter can erase many of those beaches, thereby eliminating the nesting area for a threatened or endangered variety. I looked for that video and couldn't find it, but I'm sure that no one asserted that all "sea turtles" are going extinct due to rising sea levels at this point. Why you are so certain that it's BS is another matter entirely.