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WWF on Climate Change

Started by AlanFrench, 10/20/2008 01:08PM
Posted 10/20/2008 01:08PM Opening Post
Posted 10/20/2008 02:45PM #1
Before I read the link I was wondering why the World Wrestling Federation had a position on climate change. shocked

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]
Posted 10/20/2008 02:51PM #2
I'd liked to know how they determined that the arctic had not been ice free in over a million years. We only have 30 years worth of ice sheet area data to draw on. The Eemian interglacial period peaking ~120,000 years ago was warmer than today and sea level was 3 to 12 meters higher than today. I wouldn't be surprised if we had some ice free years then.

There was a forecast of an ice free arctic this year but the lowest level was 30% more than the 2007 level. That was still much less than the than 1980.

While they did focus on the penisula I was glad to see that they did mention that parts of the Antarctic was cooling.

"White ice sheets perform an important function in moderating global temperature by reflecting heat from the sun back into space. But they have begun to melt as the earth has warmed."

This statement implies both, north and south, ice sheets are melting. The arctic as shrunk considerably but the antarctic has grown since monitoring began in 1979.


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Posted 10/21/2008 06:35PM #3