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Started by RussCarroll, 09/29/2011 10:05PM
Posted 09/29/2011 10:05PM Opening Post
My wife and I went to a dinner party at a friends home tonight with James Bullard, who is the current President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve. He noted that there was no press there with some emphasis, so I don't feel comfortable quoting him, but I want to assure you of something - this guy is an honest to goodness CAPITALIST and a defender and supporter of it. I know he was aware of who he was talking to, but Milton Friedman and Adam Smith would have been shouting AMEN after virtually every answer to questions that we asked of him, many quite tough and I was surprised he answered them all, and candidly.

I know the Federal Reserve is only a piece of the solution, but I am so pumped up to see such thinking in one of the primary architects of monetary policy. I'll be frank, I was ready to hang it up as an entrepreneur about 6 months into the current administration, and was really depressed by seeing such an all-out assault and rejection of capitalism, otherwise known as the golden goose. I stuck it out and have been rewarded for it. But to hear Dr. Bullard speak, I am 100% confident that America will be on the mend, hopefully soon, and become better than it has ever been within my lifetime. I didn't believe I would ever think that way again.

Posted 09/30/2011 04:14AM #1
Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher says that Bernanke’s Operation Twist will be “working against job creation."

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Posted 09/30/2011 01:15PM #2
I, for one, am jealous. That must have been wonderful. He is one of the beest if not best Fed chairs. Lots of knuckle heads on the web poke at the Fed without knowing about the people involved. They are more than brilliant. We can't go back to gold, we must live in this global world with these challenges. Things may look bad, but they always do at the bottom. ;-]]