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Started by pkamm, 01/23/2006 03:49AM
Posted 01/23/2006 03:49AM Opening Post
Just FYI, I'm not in GM anymore. Having crashed out of its 30+ year channel and not being apparently interested in breaking back above the line, with the company levered 20 to 1 I could not stay comfortable holding that one anymore. It has hit the bottom of even the downtrend channel so there should be some healthy bounce here somewhere, and perhaps the latest round of cost cuts will be some kind of catalyst, but the downtrend has broken down through the bottom of the 35-year uptrend and that has rather serious implications, imho. The game has changed, and just fundamentally given the way things are going it is hard for me to see the company surviving in the long term. They might eke out a couple of good years yet, but longer than that -- eh. JMHO of course. Anyone still playing it best of luck to ya. 8)