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Mutual Fund Balance Ratios: Stocks vs. Bonds, MMs

Started by pkamm, 03/15/2009 12:16PM
Posted 03/15/2009 12:16PM Opening Post
So looking over the mutual fund stats I decided just for fun to plot another chart: this one taking the balances in stock funds, taxable bond funds, and taxable money market funds, calculating the ratio of balances in each and plotting the last 12 years' worth of shifting sands.

Times near local oversold ratios or market bottoms are circled in red. Actually there was one of these near the end of both 1997 and 1998, as well as 2002. Times of well-known bull market tops are circled in green. I don't know where the current market cycle bottoms out, that's why the red circle on the far right extends into the margin (terra incognita).

I see now that I had the axes poorly labeled, the stock/bond ratio is measured on the left axis, the stock/money market ratio is measured on the right.

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