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Nasdaq: the wall is breached

Started by pkamm, 10/03/2008 04:35AM
Posted 10/03/2008 04:35AM Opening Post
The trendlines in place since Nasdaq's creation are broken, or very very 'bent'. Very oversold too of course, but we are beyond all of the standard deviations and are now in uncharted territory. The real-world implication is that the game has changed at some very fundamental level. If this were an old-world sailing map, off the right edge of the chart we would have the notation, "Here be monsters". Draw your own conclusions.

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Posted 10/03/2008 12:30PM #1
I'm not meaning to be cynical, critical or anything like that, but are these trendlines things that people(traders, institutional guys) and the like use? If so, what is normally their reaction when it breaches the upside trend?