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S&P500 -- the BIG picture (30+ yrs)

Started by pkamm, 05/08/2003 10:02AM
Posted 05/08/2003 10:02AM Opening Post
Everybody knows the long term trend is up. But the exact slope of that trend changes considerably from one decade to the next.

Here's a 30+ year log chart of the S&P. There is a case to be made that the recent S&P bottoms are final bottoms of the bear market (blue trendlines). Though the blue trendlines represent a sort of 25+ year 'superbull' phase for the market where the slope was steeper than normal.

A more disturbing possibility is the bottom somewhere in the 500's on the shallower long-long term trend (purple lines long-long-term uptrend, redline recent downtrend) linking the 1974 lows with the 1984 lows occurring at the end of the last long slide to the bottom of that long-term channel.

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