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This doesn't make sense! Possible scam? Anyone

Started by wyliecoyote, 01/05/2005 06:51AM
Posted 01/05/2005 06:51AM Opening Post

We are selling our truck over the net...and have received this series of emails...sure "feels" like a scam...anybody have any experience with this individual type of thing? For somebody who is from the "UK" he sure has a problem with the English language.

Thank you for the reply Brett,i appreciate it and will want you to send the pictures as you have promised.The price is fine by me and want you to take the add off cause i will be buying it.
I will need your full name and address with phone number so that i can forward it to my client in the states who will i will instruct to issue you a cashier's check of $9000.
I know the money is more than the truck price but will need you to do me a favour by wiring the balance to my international shipping agent who will some over to your place for the pick up as soon as payment is made.
Really need the truck and hope all the papers are in place.The information needed to send the balance to my shipper will be emailed to you soon,thank you again and hope to hear from you soon.

BWylie wrote:
The truck is still for sale, lowest price is 5200, it is in good shape, not mint but not all beat up either, good mechanicals, we will send you photos this has been miserable..and it is dark after work. Cheers, Brett
----- Original Message -----
From: Mr Steve Sabastian
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 1:25 AM
Subject: 1990 Ford F350 Crew Cab Dually $5200

Happy New Year. My name is
Mr Steve and i am interested in buying your 1990 Ford F350 Crew Cab Dually which i saw your ad and very much interested in buying.I am from the U.K and also will need to know if you still have it for sale,present conditions and also your last price(will love to see pics too).Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
Mr Sabastian.

Posted 01/05/2005 08:36AM #1
Scam. They give you a counterfeit cashier's check for $9000 of fake money. You wire them $4000 of your real money and they drive off with your car. A few days later the check bounces. You try to find them and find the address given is a Mailboxes etc. box or some such thing. You can't find them, your car is gone, and your checking balance is negative $4000. End result is you're out $9000 for trying to sell a $5000 truck.