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"Gay" marriage? What the hell - why not?

Started by herbertyork, 01/28/2012 11:02AM
Posted 01/28/2012 11:02AM Opening Post
Posted 01/30/2012 05:14PM #1
Why would any self-respecting building want to marry some whack-job chick who's an architecture geek? grin The building can clearly not consent to marriage.

However, adults can clearly consent to marriage. If two adults want to get married that should be their own personal business. The restriction that marriage should be between a man and a woman is based on religious doctrine. Atheism and agnosticism are valid religious philosophies and they don't have restrictions on who can get married. I'd guess that some open minded religions might let gay people get married.

Again, my official policy is one of compromise -- Gay marriage is o.k. Bathroom buggery is punishable by death.

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Herbert York said:

Darian R.