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Re: I was robbed by AstroMart

Started by Greg Shaffer, 06/20/2015 11:54AM
Posted 06/20/2015 11:54AM | Edited 06/20/2015 12:03PM Opening Post
Scott Hefler said:

:C >sad :S .......I JUST placed an ad, out front, first page, PAID FOR IT....and less than 14 hours later my ad was not only OFF the front was pulled COMPLETELY. (!!!) With no word as to when, why, where it went, NOTHING. Now I THOUGHT since I had just paid for a membership, AND paid for an up-front listing for 24 hours, that later in the afternoon I could check the progress of views, interest, etc....

NOPE!! It was gone. Vanished. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Has this happened to anyone else? Or is this just how AstroMart treats rookie newcomers to the site??? AND....I cant even hit a "CONTACT" link....They dont have one!!!

Methinks Ive been screwed!!!

Ive even been in communication with a fine gentleman from Seattle who has been extremely helpful, who said he had saved the link earlier in the day, tried going back to it last night, only to see a notification that "the classified you requested could not be found"......Pardon my French, but WTF???

Lemme know.....
Thx, Scott, Fresno, CA

Did you include any sort of personal contact information in the ad? That will result in removal.....

I have two suggestions. 1st thing you need to do is read the TOS in particular the section dealing with placing ads here.

I have to assume you have not read that since there are several references to the support email address contained therein which is and you are griping about not being able to find contact info.

If your ad was removed because there was a TOS violation (you can figure that out when you read the TOS) I would also suggest when you contact them that you do so respectfully since it would be your mistake not theirs. Herb doesn't have a whole lot of patience with aggressive attitude from people who violate the TOS which is for their protection as well as AM's.

Been a happy member for a lot of years......and I am sure your issue will be handled well as long as you handle yourself well.

PS. I looked at your profile and there is an ad showing that you placed on the 19th for a tripod, I suspect that is the ad you are referring to so it has not "disappeared"......if you did not place it in the tripod category it may have been moved there and that is why you think it is gone. Here is a link to the active ad in the tripods category.

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Statham GA
Posted 06/20/2015 12:39PM #1
I see six active ads under your name. The economy has hit people hard. Selling isn't easy anymore. I don't think you'll have much trouble. If certain items don't sell, place a new ad after a week or two.