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An interesting leftist experiment -Failure

Started by richartisticwoods, 10/27/2017 05:01PM
Posted 10/27/2017 05:01PM Opening Post
Gee what a shock. In Boston a pizzeria opened that touted itself as paying "fair wages". They were propped up by donations, MASSIVE Ones in fact, and yet they just couldn't manage to eek out a profit.

Of course if one is an economic illiterate, one must believe in magic fairies to pay the bills. So what exactly did this ""experiment" serve to prove?

Answer: There is no free lunch and PROFITS are the name of the game. They were being subsidized heavily by outside sources including a $100,000 donation by a local business person, Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots.

Yet, they were still in the red forever.

I wonder if any of the liberals who believe that gov't can dictate a wage, understands the laws of economics.

The big question is, will those who want the gov't to forcibly make businesses raise the minimum wage learn their lesson?

Answer: Of course not....