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Bogen 3021 deal?

Started by dhvd79a, 05/21/2005 08:38PM
Posted 05/21/2005 08:38PM Opening Post
Driving down my country road today I passed a big garage sale sign. Not interested but my attention drawn that direction I notice a tripod sitting on the driveway.

The tripod is a Bogen 3021 with what seems to be a decent 3-way head(I haven't looked close enough to say what model). The tripod is in perfect condition. I doubt it was used much, if at all.

The cost of this deal? $15 USD. Seems like a decent price to me. grin
Posted 05/23/2005 02:41PM | Edited 05/23/2005 02:42PM #1
My thanks to all you helpful astromarters who offered to take this albatross off my hands. Since the original post I did a little investigating and see that the new price of this tripod with the 3126 head, not a three way but a micro fluid video head is about $215. I probably wont be selling it for $22.50 and splitting postage. 8)