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Comet discoverer Hyakutake dies

Started by maurice clark, 04/11/2002 02:16PM
Posted 04/11/2002 02:16PM Opening Post
Some sad news from the MPML board. (With apologies to anyone on this list that also recieves MPML messages)

I met Yuji in 1996 when he presented a talk on his scoveries at the Perth Observatory. He also autographed a photograph of the comet That I had taken. What I most remember about him however, was his modesty. He always said that it should not be him that was congradulated, but the comet. As he put it, "I only (?) found the comet. It is the comet itself that is putting on the great display."


> Comet discoverer Hyakutake dies at 51
> Kyodo News
> April 11, 2002
> KAGOSHIMA - Yuji Hyakutake, an amateur Japanese
> astronomer who discovered "Comet Hyakutake" in
> 1996, died Wednesday evening in Kagoshima
> Prefecture, due to internal bleeding caused by a
> heart aneurysm, his family said Thursday. He was
> 51.
> Hyakutake, a native of Nagasaki Prefecture, won
> international acclaim after he found the new
> comet, using a powerful pair of binoculars on Jan
> 30, 1996, in the town of Hayato in Kagoshima.

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Posted 04/11/2002 05:36PM #1
I was truly saddened to hear this news. Comet Hyakutake was my first naked eye comet, and it is one that I will always remember. I had read an interview with Mr. Hyakutake shortly after the comet was discovered, and he seemed a very kind and gentle soul. He will be missed.

Midway, FL