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How Cold?!

Started by Rod Kaufman, 01/18/2018 07:38PM
Posted 01/18/2018 07:38PM Opening Post
Minus 88.6 degrees F, now that's cold:
I didn't think it got that cold on earth but see the link for a lower one in 2013. Yikes!
Posted 01/18/2018 08:19PM #1
WOW! That is one great photo. Those frozen eyelashes are crazy! I did read that part where it said it got to -98F in Oymyakon. I remember being in North Dakota when my Nephew graduated College during Dec. one year. It was -20F with a wind chill of -30 and I couldn't stay out for more than about 2 minutes at a time.

That article said those 2 guys froze to death trying to walk to a nearby farm. That has got to be a hideous way to die. Poor guys.

The only GOOD thing about that is that Anastasia would need some warming up as she came back in the house! There sure isn't anything else to do when its that cold. smile