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Started by danielfreas, 04/12/2002 04:31AM
Posted 04/12/2002 04:31AM Opening Post
You've probably got more than enough ideas for now but I was thinking it would be kind of nice to be able to not only check a person's feedback but also a list of the feedback they've left for other people. Maybe that would lower the number of petty complaints that show up in people's ratings because the people leaving them would realize (hopefully) that if they have a history of giving negative feedback for stupid reasons no one is going to want to deal with them.

Just a thought~
Posted 04/12/2002 11:27AM #1
I like this idea. It would help me too. Some people, a very small minority, just complain about everything. They could stay at a Ritz Carlton and complain about the service. I saw a post once on a scope review site (where ordinary folks vote) about Anacortes not matching prices. The guy was livid. He called Anacortes every name in the book. He did not seem to realize that some folks quote you a low price and then take a deposit and then order your scope, whereas a stocking dealer takes your order and sends it out the next day. The complainer apparently did not realize that he did not have to buy from Anacortes. He wanted the Ritz Carlton service at the Holiday Inn price.

That is the kind of person I would pay money to avoid doing business with. If I had two offers on the same item and one was a complainer, I would sell to the other guy even if his offer was lower.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey Zoeller