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If the Europeans Had Not Settled the New World?

Started by drachal, 02/01/2021 02:28AM
Posted 02/01/2021 02:28AM Opening Post
For some reason, this question crossed my mind recently. If the Incas in Peru, the Aztecs in Mexico, and the American Indians had not been conquered by the Europeans, nor any other culture, and essentially been left alone, what do you think the state of these areas would be like now? Do you think that the Native American Indians would still be living as they were when the Europeans arrived? Would the Aztecs still be engaged in human sacrifice?

Darian R.
Posted 02/02/2021 02:59PM #1
Richard, I sent a friend of mine a text, asking him this question. Regarding the Aztec human sacrifice, he compared itĀ  to the countless abortionsĀ that occur each year in the US.

Darian R.