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NEAF eyepieces on ebay

Started by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden, 06/01/2002 01:42PM
Posted 06/01/2002 01:42PM Opening Post
The guy selling Televue NEAF eyepieces on Ebay has a total of seven listed (some of which have allready sold).
It's also obvious that he plans on listing more of them. I finally decided to complain to Ebay. What pisses me off is that scalpers like that undercut the value of legitimate used eyepieces. Also, people who buy these for typically high ebay prices are going to be in for a surprize if they try to resell them later to knowledgable people (since they do mark the barrels). See the thread "scum selling NEAF eyepieces on Ebay" in equipment talk for more info. If that guy wants become an authorized Televue distributor or just sell non NEAF used eyepieces that's fine but he is violating a written contract right now. I encourage everyone to complain to Ebay as well.