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Non Traditional Medicine?

Started by richartisticwoods, 01/18/2018 05:48AM
Posted 01/18/2018 05:48AM Opening Post
I was thinking about something yesterday and I'm curious to find out if anyone has had any luck with non-traditional Eastern medicine for health problems that Western Medicine can't seem to solve.

My experience is that of having serious Sciatic Nerve Problems for a number of years, more than a decade in fact. It came to a head about 5 years ago, when it became an ongoing 24/7 problem for a month straight. I had remembered that the year prior I had been working on a home remodel during a time when the homeowner was experiencing serious back problems himself. He couldn't even stand straight up and was literally bent over at the waist. The homeowner Mike, was 300 lbs plus.

After about 2 weeks of being in his hunched over condition, he decided to go get some help. It turned out that he opted for Acupuncture, and at the time I laughed at him. In about a week, he came walking in one day and looked fine. I was kind of shocked but he claimed that 3 treatments later his back problems were gone. I never really thought of his problem again, until I ended up working back at his home during the time I was having my sciatic problems. He recommended acupuncture and I once again laughed it off.

The back pain became serious as I could barely work for more than an hour at a time, without having my leg feel like it had been beaten with a baseball bat.

I then went to my father's physical therapist who attempted to help me using a exercise method involving a chair, telling me to lay on my back on the floor while putting my legs up on a chair. He then told me to exercise my muscles working them, arching my back up and down for 5 to 10 minutes at a time a couple of times a day. I did this for about 4 or 5 days but it did nothing. After seeing him again, he recommended continuing on the anti-inflammatory drug regiment, and ultimately told me that my most likely option would end up being surgery and told me that my sciatic problems would just keep getting worse every time I had an inflammation incident and that I should expect them to happen more often. I am very averse to having anyone cut open my back so I started looking into other ways to fix the problem.

The acupuncture came back to mind, so I called the homeowner and asked about it. He said that his back problem had not resurfaced, and that I probably should check it out. I did. I went to a Chinese lady here in Town, who had a small clinic. The cost was incredibly minimal. I paid a one time fee of $250, which covered a 4 visit series of treatments. Each visit involved laying on a table similar to a massage table. It was a whole different experience than Western Medicine provides.

For one, the treatments each time 1st involved a relaxation technique which was just to turn the lighting down in the room and put on some Instrumental Music in the background. She then used one of those Tens Units to apply an electrical stimulation to the lower part of my back. It felt like fingers lightly massaging the area where the Sciatic Nerve was inflamed. On each occasion she would leave the room and let the tens unit work for about 15 minutes or so. She then would come back in and then apply the acupuncture needles. Typically it was 30 needles or so and I never felt any sort of sting or pressure when she would apply the needles. She would put them in weird places such as the bottom of my feet, and all over the place on my back legs, neck, and head. During each successive treatment, she would apply these needles in areas different from the prior treatments. Each treatment also involved some sort of "cupping" treatment where she applied glass cups on my body which she heated and suctioned to the skin. Once applied I could feel them pulling on my body fairly strongly although I was always face down and never really observed what they looked like. All I know is that she would leave the room for about 15 minutes and then return to remove the cups and needles.

Each treatment lasted about an hour. After the very 1st treatment, I left thinking that this procedure did nothing because when I got off the table and left the clinic, my back problem actually seemed worse. However later that day, my pain completely disappeared. By the end of that first evening though, my sciatic pain was back but not as severe as it had been. A few days later I had a 2nd treatment, and each treatment thereafter resulting in a gradual lessening of my sciatic pain.

After the 4th treatment, my sciatic pain was completely gone. It has been about 5 years and I've never had another episode. All I can say is that it works. I don't think it can cure cancer and some of the claims for curing some ailments I find to be dubious, but then I laughed at the customer at first when he had it done.

For anyone out there suffering from Sciatica, I highly recommend it. You might find relief and with the high costs of medical treatment today it is very inexpensive.

If anyone has had acupuncture for any other ailments, I'd be interested to hear about your results.
Posted 01/18/2018 08:48AM #1
Interesting post, Rich. I was talking with someone the other day that has that problem. If I can remember who it was, I'll definitely mention your experience. smile

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