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Ok, I've had enough

Started by Joplin Motisher-Chittenden, 05/09/2003 08:47AM
Posted 05/09/2003 08:47AM Opening Post
I am sick and tired of seeing "fluorite" spelled "flourite".
There is a big difference between using a crystal material with superior refractive qualities and using a clay gravel material (for lining aquariums) in a refractor telescope. I realize that it is an easy mistake but nearly 40% of the ads here on Astromart have it spelled wrong. This is flourite:
As you can see it wouldn't make a very good refractor lens :-)

Clear Skies,


Posted 05/09/2003 08:59AM #1
There is also a comma required after the word "mistake", because it uses a conjunction to separate two complete thoughts, much like this sentence does (although this sentence also contains a long and complex parenthetical phrase afterward, making it a bit of a run-on).
Posted 05/09/2003 09:46AM #2
As you can see it wouldn't make a very good refractor lens :-)>>

Actually that's FLOURITE, Joplin.

Take care.