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Re: Common ground

Started by Jozeph, 03/21/2003 06:49PM
Posted 03/21/2003 06:49PM Opening Post
Michael, for what it's worth, I agree with the spirit of your original post, particularly about the need for civility. I too support our troops. That doesn't mean I agree with, or (sadly) have very much faith in the people who sent them over there. These are very disturbing times, and I am afraid that this action not only misses those who SHOULD be held accountable for 9-11, but will also create even more instability in the world. For those who disagree with me, fine... that is your right, just as it is mine to disagree with you. Just remember; our government has made mistakes before, and blind obedience is not patriotism. It is the business of each citizen to exercise his or her own conscience and use his or her own critical thinking skills, especially in times like these... after all, it is we who are really the final branch of the government... or are supposed to be. Only time will tell if this action was the best way to handle Saddam. We won't know at any time in the near future, regardless of how well this blitzkrieg works in the short term. For now, god bless our troops... and god bless the Iraqi civilians too.
Posted 03/21/2003 06:51PM #1
The main goal of this operation is not to avenge 9-11, but to prevent a much worse attack in the future.