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Re: god vs: no god

Started by pkamm, 11/18/2002 08:18PM
Posted 11/18/2002 08:18PM Opening Post
This is just one of those things where nobody can realistically change anybody else's mind.

Ultimately we're all scientists, drawing our conclusions from our own observations. Those observations include what we see in our telescopes and what we hear from scribes who lived thousands of years ago. What we interpret will vary by our own experiences, prejudices and how emotions and logic interact in each of our respective minds.

The existence or non-existence of something so abstract and unknowable as God, or heaven, or hell, is something that reasonable, moral people can disagree on since it can never be proved nor disproved. Everyone seeks Truth on this subject and everyone arrives at their own Truth to varying degrees of satisfaction. I think deep down we're all basically guessing and like scientists we then present arguments to support that hypothesis.