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Re: Pats-vs-Cats predictions?

Started by DrThud, 01/30/2004 11:27PM
Posted 01/30/2004 11:27PM Opening Post
Looks like you and I are among the minority, Jim!

I have *always* pulled for the underdogs.
I pulled for the Bengals -- *both* times.
I simply *knew* the Broncos would beat the Packers.
I grinned and chuckled when the Redskins counter-punched and smothered the Broncos.
I would have *loved* it if the Patriots had smacked the Bears in the mouth and shut everyone up (not that I imagined they had a snowball's chance in south Texas, of course).

Nonetheless, I feel the New England Patriots are simply playing at a higher level than their nearest NFL competitors. I've watched both Patriots squads (defense & offense) -- play by play, player player -- and I've often boggled at how..."precise" and "definitively" they perform. Football is a team-critical endeavor, and the Patriots, I feel, are simply the better team. The BEST team. The Titans were right there with New England -- at least for a while -- but the injury bug knocked Tennessee back a bit (just enough).

I think it was after week 9 when I found myself convinced that the winner of Super Bowl XXXVIII would be either the Patriots or the Titans. I was also convinced that the NFC representative -- whether Philly, St. Louis, or Carolina -- had little chance of beating the AFC victor.

Enough babble. Here's my guess:
New England Patriots 27
Carolina Panthers 13

Alternate score -- maybe a couple more field goals: 30-16

Regardless of the outcome, I'll have a grin on my face, a stuffed belly, and a nice cold barley pop in my fist. :-)

Cheers and best wishes.