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Star Wars

Started by Thomas Marshall, 05/06/2016 04:47PM
Posted 05/06/2016 04:47PM Opening Post
I watched the new Star Wars movie yesterday, and the girl "Rey" says to Ford "Han" upon learning the ship she just commandeered is the Millenium Falcon, and he the famous Han Solo, - "The same ship/pilot that did the ----? loop in just 14 parsecs?? Ford answers no, - I did it in 12. Then mumbles more about 14/12 and she amazed at 12 parsecs looks at him like Mount Rushmore is alive in the flesh before her. So I'm thinking this doesn't sound right and google parsec which says a parsec is a measurement of "distance" equal to 3.26 light years or 19 Trillion miles, - but their usage is as though it is a measurement of time, like - I ran the 100 meters in 10 seconds, and he corrects her and says - no, - I ran it in 8 seconds. So I am wondering, - did a franchise like Star Wars make such a superficial error, - or is it a trick reference to baffle the nerd/fans, and there is some way to shorten 14 parsecs to just 12 parsecs?? - I KNOW since I semi-retired I have WAY much time on my hands, - but I'm thinking after 6 or 7 Star War movies, they would have this kind of thing down by now?? - Right?? wink Thomas M.
Posted 05/06/2016 05:29PM #1
Reminds me of the endless stream of Space Alien shows on the History Chanel. Today's on Crop Circles. Sure, couple Brits show how they made a bunch using strings, stomp boards, rollers ... but then the experts insist that "Well, OK - maybe some are fake but there are Real ones too --- crafted by Space Aliens with Descending Electromagnetic Vortex Fields." How can we have been so BLIND! Some day a farmer with a shot gun is going to take out one of those vandals. Then we will know the Truth. Star Wars is at least fantasy with poetic license --- or IS it?!

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Posted 05/10/2016 12:54PM #2
This goes back to the Star Wars a new Hope that was run in 1977. At that time they the writers made a mistake confusing distance with time. This was caught by a lot of people at the time including myself. However someone using General Relativity pointed out near light speed spacetime is severely distorted and in hyperspace in 4 dimensions space and time can be turned inside out and swapped. Hence making the kessel run in 12 parsecs could very well be a true statement from a certain point of view. At any rate its such cute flub JJ Abrams kept it in the script for The Force Awakens. Earlier in the show Rey makes a statement a bit earlier when she hears the name "Luke Skywalker" and Rey mutters to herself "I thought he was a myth"!