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Usefulness of ratings...

Started by Zhimbo, 08/23/2003 09:46AM
Posted 08/23/2003 09:46AM Opening Post
Ever notice that anything less than a 5-star rating is seen as an insult, and a low rating can even bring on threats of legal action (seen recently 'round these parts)!!!

Wouldn't it be nice if 5 star ratings actually indicated good service and interactions, rather than just completing the transaction?
Posted 08/23/2003 11:39AM #1

I see it the same way but like Mark said, an act of God or something. I'm guilty, I have given ratings that should have been less. Its a shame when you have to give perfect so that your own feedback is not destroyed in retaliation. Thats one of the less desirable side effects of a rating system. There is deceit in the system making it in-accurate. Its a guideline, much better than a guess but needs improvement. All the ratings sytems I have seen to date have flaws but I do not know how to fix the human element "the real flaw". Character is "doing the right thing when no one is looking".
Posted 08/26/2003 07:27AM #2
Great idea. I tried to copy and past your idea to the suggestion forum, but it did not work. I hope Herb see this and comments.
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